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Perfect for hay, grain, commodity storage, equipment, riding arenas, livestock, etc.
Quality Cover
Do you provide all the material to construct a building?
The basic kit provides the cover, arches, straps and hardware. We can provide the treated posts rated for "in ground" and lumber at very competitive prices. When you talk with us we will let you know how much lumber it will take. If you want to compare our prices to your local lumber yard, by all means do so.

What makes your buildings better than others on the market?
- It's our belief we have the best buildings on the market today. The designs makes them easy to construct.
- Our buildings carry Engineering stamps of certification.
- We use the best steel available.
- Only the highest quality of materials are used. To sell them cheaper a person would have to cut corners.

How long does it take to receive a building once I place an order?
If we have it in stock, just a few days. If we must order it, typically it takes 3 to 6 weeks. Contact us for current production time.

Does it pay to store hay inside?.
Losses of hay stored outside can exceed 40%. That means that you lose one bale of roll hay for every three you store outside uncovered on bare ground. With increased fuel, twine and equipment costs, not to mention rising hay values, why waste any? Storing hay outside is like throwing money away. Hay is also able to cure easier in hoop building as it has great air flow. Hay will maintain a higher quality and value. Even if you feed all the hay you produce, animals always do better on quality hay and require less supplements.

Why do you recommend these buildings for livestock?
One important aspect of maintaining animal health is air quality. A hoop building can provide great ventilation. Often sheep and goat producers use jugs (small pens) right after they have lambs/kids. Our buildinga can be easily adapted for that purpose. When you're done, remove the pens and you have a barn that can be cleaned with ease. You could very easily finish these animals by building larger pens on each side and an alleyway in the center.

Raising dairy calves, hogs, cattle, or when used for a riding arena, they have proved to be very effective. The buildings have great air flow, more covered height and cost less than conventional buildings. The natural light provides an environment that animals thrive in. Plus, with reduced noise from the elements, animals stay calmer. If you need to move the building in the future for whatever reason, it can be taken down and relocated.

What happens if the cover ever needs to be replaced?
Replacements can be ordered for you. Call us when you're ready and we can supply the price.

Are they difficult to build?
The single pipe arch and the truss arch buildings are the easiest to assemble. About 50% of our customers do it themselves. If you would like professional installation, we can arrange that. Professional installation is strongly recommended on wide buildings.

Can you provide builders to erect the building?
Yes, if you would like to have it built for you, that's no problem. Just let us know and we can get you an estimate on the installation cost. You will be responsible to provide an excavated, level place on which to build it.

So what do they cost?
That all depends on width, length and type of building. Our most economically priced building is the 30' and 36' wide single arch. The best way to price a building is to contact us and let us know what size best fits your need. We can then share our experience and the design that seems to work best. We don't want to sell you something that won't work.